About Us

Bump and Roll

 is a Fun and Safe Indoor Amusement Environment Specializing in Zorb / Human Hamster Balls for the Enjoyment of Your Family and Friends Ages 2 and Up Including Adults. ** Max Weight 260 lbs / 117 kgs.** Come Enjoy the Unique Experience of bumping and rolling inside of a Giant Human Hamster ball in the Comfort of an Indoor Amusement Environment. This is a great way to get your children of all ages (2 and up) to exercise while having tons of fun.


Fun Family Fitness!

We are Family Owned and Operated.

This Journey began when we could not find a Fun Indoor Amusement Center for our Children especially due to the Extreme Arizona Heat and Cold weather. We decided to come up with a Fun Environment that we could share with everyone who wants to Enjoy a Unique Experience while in the comfort of an Indoor Environment. This is an Excellent way to get our Children to be Active and away from their Phones, Tablets, TV, or Video Games.
Join Us to Create some Memorable Moments with Your Family and Friends!

We are Extremely Happy to see Family and Friends Bonding with One Another while Sharing Laughter and Smiles when they visit Bump And Roll.

Gratitude to all of the Individuals who have helped make this Dream a Reality.

We Encourage Everyone Especially Children (Your Inner Child Included) to Live, Laugh, Play, and Enjoy the Benefits of an Active Lifestyle.