CashFlow Game Night

CashFlow Game Night

Hosted by Bump And Roll

By Appointment Only

A FUN way to Learn How Money Works and How to get Money to Work for You!

CashFlow ages 14 and Up

Please Download the CashFlow App to Improve game play

Please text 626-788-2867 or email for Availability

CashFlow for Kids ages 6 and up

6 People per board game


“There is a superb game-board available
called “CASHFLOW’ by Robert and Kim Kiyosaki.

Get together with your wealth club
members and play this game. You will be utterly
amazed at what you will learn – things that are just
not taught elsewhere. There is also a version for
children called CASHFLOW FOR KIDS. Get this
game and play it with your children and/or grandchildren.
I have seen nothing that will improve their
“financial IQ” more than this game. These are not
cheap toys – they are the highest quality teaching
materials. We live in a time where many people
know the price of everything – but the value of
nothing! These games are costly, but the value is
far greater. People pay much more for a course in
college or some other educational institution and
it will have nowhere near the value that these games
will have on the financial future of you and the
ones you hold dear.”

By R. Nelson Nash – Becoming Your Own Banker